The mission of The Wake Forest Review is be to question progressive thought and preserve conservative principles by providing fair and enlightening journalism that educates the community from a libertarian and conservative perspective.

Our Story

The Wake Forest Review was founded in May, 2016 as an independent, student-edited University newspaper at Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, NC. By challenging the status quo and defending conservative principles, the Review aims to educate Wake Forest students and younger generations with balanced journalism from an unintimidated, conservative and libertarian position.

The Wake Forest Review follows the proliferation of independent collegiate newspapers between 1980 and 2000, including The Dartmouth Review, The Cornell Review, and The California Patriot. The Review’s primary objective will be to foster greater attention to issues surrounding both the college campus and the community. Nearly half of college students believe it ‘essential’ to be keeping up to date with political affairs. The Review aims to increase dialogue among students and stimulate productive discussion, while also be entertaining.

The Review is the only conservative student publication at Wake Forest University. There is only one other publication in North Carolina: Carolina Review, at the University of North Carolina. The Wake Forest Review is going to capitalize on the growing conservative student movement in the state and beyond. Relevant news with engaging thoughts of student writers are the building blocks to its success. 

The Review depends solely on private donations and grants for financial support, having earned 501(c)(3) status in early 2017. The Wake Forest Review is a member of the Collegiate Network, an organization that provides assistance to roughly one-hundred independent, conservative and libertarian publications across the country.