Candidate Profile: Spencer Schiller

Spencer Schiller is a junior politics and international affairs major who has been involved with Student Government since his freshman year, and has been the Co-Chair of the Campus Life Committee and is currently the Co-Chair of the Judiciary Committee. The main pillars of Schiller’s platform are tradition, wellness, and diversity and inclusion.

If elected, Schiller will attempt to ensure equality among all students, while creating an environment where all students feel welcome and comfortable. One goal that Schiller has set in order to make the campus more inclusive is to create a Diversity and Inclusion Executive Officer Position, whose main responsibilities will be to recruit Student Government members from diverse backgrounds, and coordinating programs to educate the Wake Forest community. Furthermore, Schiller also hopes to focus on enacting smaller changes, such as providing student athletes on full scholarships with parking passes and assuring that all student groups feel welcomed to approach the student government, in order to make sure that all students are comfortable at Wake Forest.

Schiller also intends to further expand Student Government’s annual mental health week to include more discourse about the dangers of “study drugs” and the effects of caffeine. Additionally, Schiller seeks to revitalize and develop freshmen orientation in order to improve upon the alcohol awareness programming. Schiller also hopes to engage alumni in a more personal way by creating an alumni database in organized by the groups that certain alumni belonged to while on campus. Schiller hopes that by informing alumni about the current members and agendas of groups that they previously belonged to, alumni will become more engaged and their relationships with both the school and the students will be strengthened.

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Mike Tuffey and Ryan Wolfe contributed to this article. 

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