Candidate Profile: Suyash Keshari

Suyash Keshari, one of three candidates running for student government president, is an international student hailing from New Delhi, India. The focuses of his studies at Wake Forest are in Political Science and International Affairs, and over the past two years he has served as a member of Student Government. During his time as a member of this body, he has led a productive career and exhibited a tendency to reach out to the constituency to provide tangible changes in the direct interest of the student body. In addition to this fact, his experience working with different aspects of Student Government has given him insight into what facets of this organization are real agents for positive change on campus, and which departments may need a restructuring of purpose to help better serve the needs of all students on campus. To use his own words, he is uniquely qualified to be president as a “global citizen”, potentially bringing distinctive values to the role that would allow him to encourage diversity and an inclusive atmosphere at Wake Forest.

The base of Suyash’ platform relies on making tangible changes to the experiences of every student body member; he seeks to remedy the malaise of student government in working together with students from all walks of the Wake Forest community to bring changes directly improving their daily lives. His work as chairperson for Physical Planning over the past year indicates his readiness and ability to do so. As chair of said committee, he has brought several overwhelmingly popular changes to the Wake Forest experience that had been in demand for some time: the pasta bar, the vegan station, extended breakfast hours, and the new Chick-fil-A Old Gold are just a few. In addition to this, he has helped reform the parking logjam on campus to be more student friendly and make the campus more accessible. These accomplishments demonstrate not only an ability to create positive change, but a willingness to connect with the student body that would serve him well should he be elected as student body president.

Suyash believes in making a positive impact on Wake Forest students which he believes he can do by focusing on, “efficiency, time management, and getting things done which affects people in positive ways.” You can find more information about Suyash and his campaign here:

Griffin Bennetti and Ciara Ciez contributed to this article. 

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