Candidate Profile: William Morgan

On Tuesday, April 4, Wake Forest undergraduate students will vote for their student government. This year students will have to decide between three presidential candidates. Senator William Morgan, Class of 2019, is one of those presidential candidates.
Morgan has served in the Student Senate for two years. He is the co-chair for the Academic Committee of the Student Senate this year. He also works with Resident Student Association. His platform is R. A. T. I. O., an acronym for representation, awareness, trust, inspiration, and openness.
When Morgan speaks of representation he is referring to making student government less distant from the student body. He proposes that the student government should go back to the student body and become a “government for the students.”
The second plank of Morgan’s platform is awareness. He wants the Wake Forest Student Government to be aware of its obligations to students and of student opinions on issues. He also wants the student body to be aware of their student government, that it is a public body and works with the administration.
The third plank of Morgan’s platform is trust. He thinks that at present there is neither trust nor distrust in student government. He thinks people do not know their representatives and thinks that remedying this would be a good action on behalf of student government.
The fourth plank of Morgan’s platform is inspiration. He thinks student government should be a place where people are inspired to be leaders. He wants student government to enact change instead of allowing ideas to “fritter” away.
The fifth idea of Morgan’s platform is openness. He does not believe that student government is open at present. In addition to R. A. T. I. O., he has other ideas for student government. He wants greater cooperation among the standing committees of the Student Senate. He may not make many campaign promises, but he does want to make student government more connected with students. Morgan, when speaking of the alcohol epidemic our campus has been suffering from, wants to break down the barriers between Greeks and non-Greeks, recognizing that alcohol is more than a “Greek problem.”
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Tyler Primm Miller contributed to this article. 

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