The Carmichael Show Review

Love to discuss controversial topics? Love to laugh? Love to watch shows about controversial topics? Then I suggest watching The Carmichael Show. With an 85% rating by Rotten Tomatoes, if you’re into ratings, then this show is a must. Set in Charlotte, North Carolina, this show was created and directed by the main character, Jerrod Carmichael. Jerrod and his girlfriend, Maxine, attempt to move in together to further their relationship and ambitious lives. Although the couple may be content, they have to convince Jerrod’s eccentric family that they are meant to be together.

With this show discussing controversial issues such as the 2016 presidential election, women’s rights, religion, and other things, the show has faced controversy and for a while, was unaware of whether or not there would be a third season. Despite negative reviews and liberals unable to laugh, the show was renewed for a third season but was ended without a proper season finale. The show has divided their cast on the issues presented in the episodes, so at least two sides of an issue are seen and discussed.

While the show did air a third season, they were unable to pick up a fourth. So three seasons is all there is. Seasons 1 and 2 are on Netflix, while season 3 can be found on Hulu. This show is full of cheap laughs and hearty laughs, and issues that will make liberals squirm. Even though there was no proper season finale, this show is still worth watching, as each and every episode ends with a resolution on a controversial topic, and does not leave you hanging.

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