Faculty, Staff, and Students Petition Wake Forest to Become Sanctuary Campus


Update: The proposed student government resolution was tabled at a meeting this evening. You can read the resolution here. The resolution will be considered once again in January unless an emergency session is called.

On Tuesday, Wake Forest University faculty, staff, and students circulated an online petition and the Wake Forest Student Government considered a resolution  to make Wake Forest University a sanctuary campus and the . The petition asked that the university, “take immediate steps to make Wake Forest University a sanctuary campus for students, staff, and their family members who face deportation under President-elect Donald J. Trump’s proposed policies.”

The petition demanded that:
1. The University refuses to voluntary share information with ICE/CBP across all aspects of the University,
2. The University refuses ICE physical access to all land owned or controlled by the University,
3. The University prohibits campus security from inquiring about or recording an individual’s immigration status or enforcing immigration laws or participating with ICE/CBP in actions
4. The University does not use E-verify.

If you want to read the petition in full, click here.

Signatories of the petition included: Peter Siavelis, Director of Latin American and Latino Studies Program, Barry Trachtenberg, The Michael H. & Deborah K. Rubin Presidential Chair of Jewish History, David Coates, Worrell Professor of Anglo-American Studies, and John Senior, Director of the Art of Ministry and Assistant Teaching Professor of Ethics and Society. For a full list of faculty and staff signatories, click here.

Wake Forest Student Government is voting on a resolution tonight that echoes the demands of the petition. To read that resolution in full, click here.

According to a report from the Center for Immigration Studies, more than 8,000 criminal alien offenders were released from January to August 2014 due to state and local sanctuary policies. Of these 8,000 alien offenders freed by local law enforcement, 63% had prior criminal records and 25% were already felons. By making Wake Forest a sanctuary campus, campus security will refuse to follow federal laws and stop ICE from pursuing criminal aliens from the Winston-Salem area if they come onto Wake Forest property. For example, if an illegal alien who recently committed a felony stood in the parking lot of the football stadium, ICE could not pursue that individual.

If you believe that Wake Forest University should follow federal law and cooperate with law enforcement officers to keep our campus safe, we invite you to sign our petition that asks President Hatch to not adopt radical sanctuary policies at Wake Forest. Please sign here.

We will update this story as it continues to develop.




  1. Can you please post the list of signatories for your petition?

  2. Center of Immigration Statistics:
    “CIS presents itself as a scholarly think tank that produces serious immigration studies meant to serve “the broad national interest.” But the reality is that CIS has never found any aspect of immigration that it liked, and it has frequently manipulated data to achieve the results it seeks. Its executive director last fall posted an item on the conservative National Review Online website about Washington Mutual, a bank that had earlier issued a press release about its inclusion on a list of “Business Diversity Elites” compiled by Hispanic Business magazine. Over a copy of the bank’s press release, the CIS leader posted a headline — “Cause and Effect?” — that suggested a link between the bank’s opening its ranks to Latinos and its subsequent collapse.”

    “The Center for Immigration Studies is one of the network of anti-immigration groups founded by John Tanton, an activist with white nationalist leanings and a fondness for extreme ‘population control’ measures.”

  3. “Illegal aliens” is not really a term that we use anymore….. Also, to support the petition to make us a sanctuary campus, you just have to be a decent human being. You don’t have to be liberal or stupid, but just decent…

  4. If my reading is right, then Wake Forest University is violating federal law and encouraging its personnel to do the same. I am now very thankful I transferred and graduated from another institution – I won’t have to bear the embarrassment of having a degree from such a place! Why do you believe it is not important to 1) follow the law, 2) remove dangerous criminals from our midst, or 3) more broadly, be mindful of those we allow legally or illegally into our country, whose mission in life is do us harm. These are not hard concepts, it seems the university is willing to “trump” (pardon the irony) these basic protections because of a misguided sympathy toward immigrant criminal elements. Unless you have a standard (a law) there are no rules for society – it just becomes anarchy. I notice Wake Forest is not denying, and in fact will intensely fight, its claim to federal funding. Why shouldn’t the two go hand in hand? It really doesn’t matter what “term” Ben Brooks and others use. Illegal is not legal. Am sure Ben appreciates all those drunk drivers taken off the streets, because they are doing something that is “illegal”. I know he really appreciates laws taking guns out of the hands of criminals. In an ordered society, we have laws, and the authors of this “petition” don’t have the option of selective enforcement. If they don’t like the laws, then change them.

  5. The Moral thing to do, if your are going to stop following local, state and federal laws, would be to also stop receiving any money form any of these government agencies. Or you could be a hypocrite.

  6. Nothing can be more disheartening and disgusting than a few immature jerks (including the immature and stupid faculty that back this ludicrous proposal) making demands of a school to do an a absolutely stupid and arcane thing like becoming a so-called, santuary haven for law breaking people! This proposal is insulting to any rational, mature person! Grow up!