What Happened? Hillary Blames Everyone But Herself

Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Since losing the presidential election on November 8, 2016, Hillary Rodham Clinton has been playing a blame game that has been likened to “the world’s dullest round of Clue.” It seems that with every day that goes by, Hillary adds another name to the list of people she blames for her electoral defeat. She’s come up with enough people to blame that she could fill a book, which is exactly what she did (yay). In her memoir, What Happened, Clinton does accept that she lost and that it is partially her fault. This sounds great and all; however, all throughout the book, she continues to blame others for her loss (confusing). Some of those who are also at fault include:

Barack Obama

The truce in the Clinton-Obama feud must be over because Hillary, in her new book, criticizes the 44th President and husband of Michelle Obama, who campaigned alongside Mrs. Clinton (awkward), saying he should have used his platform as President to help her campaign.

The (failing) New York Times

Hillary specifically blamed The New York Times for damaging her reputation by reporting on news (i.e. her email scandal). I don’t know about you, but this sounds to me like a former presidential candidate is advocating for censorship in the American media (yikes). Remember, this is the same woman who said the Trump candidacy is an “attack” on our democracy.

The Russians

Tin foil hats out, everyone. Of course, the Russians and their hacking proved to be one of Hillary’s greatest foes. Not a day goes by that we don’t hear about Russian election interference and Putin’s master plan to make America his puppet state. Good thing Hillary fleshed this one out for us, because I was living in the dark before.Bernie and “Bernie Bros”

Bernie and “Bernie Bros”

In What Happened and in interviews, Hillary whines that Bernie’s criticisms paved the way for Trump to use the “Crooked Hillary” slogan. She then throws some shade at “Bernie Bros” for online harassment and “sexism” against her and her supporters.

James Comey

Of course, Comey had to appear on this list. Hillary has relentlessly stated that she would have won had Comey not opened up an investigation into “the biggest nothing-burger” (aka her email scandal) ten days before the election.

I’m starting to see why Jennifer Kerns said: “Hillary Clinton is like the O.J. Simpson of politics—she’s still out there looking for the ‘real killer’ of her campaign.” Every game comes to an end, and it’s high time Mrs. Clinton’s blame game does too.

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