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iPhone 8 or iPhone X?

On September 12, Apple unveiled their new iPhones: the iPhone 8 and iPhone X, and today the iPhone 8 goes on sale to consumers. Should you splurge on the iPhone 8 right now or wait for the iPhone X in November?

iPhone 8

When looking at the iPhone 8 on Apple’s website, the first thing they mention is the “all-new glass design.” While this is a neat feature at best, the most exciting feature of the new model is the wireless charging. This will transform the charging experience from being huddled around an outlet with the 3-foot-long charger to being huddled around a charging pad that your phone will rest on to charge itself. According to The Verge, Apple will be releasing charging pads in the near future that will be called “AirPower”. These pads will be able to charge both your phone and your Apple Watch at the same time.

The issue I find with this, as I am sure many others will be able to relate to, is the idea of possibly not being able to lay in bed at night and play on my phone. Right now, my routine is to plug in my phone and check Instagram, Snapchat, and Reddit, before I fall asleep. With the charging pad, it seems that this would be an idea of the past.

One may say, “But Jake, why not just keep the charging pad beside your bed and place your phone there when you’re done?” Yes, clearly this is the remedy for most people, but I’m talking to Wake Forest students. How many of us have lofted beds? Who has a side table to put this rather large charging pad on? I know I do not have this. Certainly, it is an amazing feature that will be appreciated by many consumers. I would just advise my fellow Deacs to proceed with caution.  It doesn’t seem super conducive to dorm life.

iPhone X

Now, it’s time to talk about what is sure to be the most coveted product from Apple this year: The iPhone X. The design is certainly gorgeous, with the screen making up the entirety of the front of the phone. There is no conventional “home button” to which we have all grown so accustomed.  It is being replaced with a simple swipe up from the bottom of the screen. The second way to unlock the phone is by using Apple’s “Face ID”, which I’m sure will work 100% of the time and never be frustrating to use.

You might want to sit down for this part. The new camera on the iPhone X allows you to “bring emojis to life.” This means that emojis will now mimic your facial expressions and even speak using your voice. I know. These are exciting times indeed.


If you want to have a laugh watching these emojis mimic your face, it won’t be cheap. The iPhone 8 is starting at $699.99, and the iPhone X is running at $999. But if you’re willing to wait and pay a premium, the iPhone X is definitely worth the wait.

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