Kim Corban Inspires Others with Traumatic Story

She remembers being held down on her bed. She couldn’t’ see anything. He told her to “shut up.” He lasted for two hours, forcing himself on top of her. He left, and she called the police. Three weeks later, her assailant was arrested and she got justice. Now, almost ten years later, Kimberly Corban tours across the country describing her life-changing assault and the need to protect the Second Amendment, not just for women, but for everyone.

On Tuesday, March 21st, Turning Point USA at Wake Forest University had the pleasure to host Kim and hear her story of overcoming the trauma from the violent sexual assault. After shocking the audience by beginning her talk with a recording of her 911 call, Corban came on stage and relayed the series of events that changed her life forever. Corban described the series of events immediately following the rape, from when she was examined and questioned for nearly three hours, and even the embarrassing moment when she was pulled in by the police to identify possible pairs of underwear, trying to lighten the mood at certain points with her sarcastic tone. One of the most traumatic experiences following the assault was when the police played an audio recording of her assailant’s voice, causing her to melt down in the police station. But even after her rapist was caught, her trials did not end that day.

After enduring a long junior year at University of Colorado, Corban experienced the judicial system while being at the center of attention. In the events leading up to the trial, Corban experienced seizures that were the result of her trauma and even began an entirely new therapy, which allowed her to envision the events from electrical stimulation. On the day of her trial, Kim had an entire entourage of supporters, even from high school sitting in the courtroom listening to her and being with her. Kim gave a three-hour testimony for the jury. An hour and a half into deliberations, the jury found the defendant guilty of second degree murder and was sentenced with twenty five years to life in prison. However, he is eligible for parole in December 2018, and Kim will be attending his hearings.

Over time, Corban has transformed from victim to survivor who actively helps both herself and others. Kim has been a victim advocate for not just rape victims, but for victims of domestic abuse, suicide prevention, and even those affect by a death in the family. For her, the switch from victim to survivor came when she realized that by sharing her story, she could save lives by inspiring others to tell their own stories.

She discussed self-defense and how her experience brought her to the realization that the government does not protect you, only you can protect yourself. That, she explained, is why she is a second amendment advocate. Her campus tour title, “The Great Equalizer,” expresses her desire to make herself equal to someone who may attack her through carrying a firearm. Corban has empowered many through her talks encouraging self-defense, self-empowerment, and second amendment rights. Her advocacy ultimately brought her to the stage of a CNN Town Hall where she questioned Barack Obama on his increased gun regulations. We appreciate all who came and listened to Kimberly Corban share her story, and we can’t wait for our next Turning Point USA event.

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