Life Abroad in Florence

Ciao friends!!

Welcome to my first abroad post!! I am missing Wake and WFR (and also fries and my family and Mexican food) but abroad is the most amazing experience of my life so far. I am so incredibly grateful to have this unique experience- I wake up every morning and cannot believe how blessed I am; being able to travel and live in a different country is so awesome especially since we are young and not tied down with huge responsibilities just yet.

I am entering my third week of studying abroad in Florence, Italy! Florence is so enchanting- I am constantly discovering beautiful architecture, interesting people, and awe-inspiring history. The classes offered by NYU Florence are crazy interesting- I am taking Italian, Italian Opera (for my art divisional), Politics of Organized Crime, and Economics of European Integration!

The coursework is so conducive to exploring Florence, which is such an accessible and easy city. Everything is in a short walking distance and most people speak great English. There definitely is some adjusting to the different culture but for the most part, Florence has been an easy transition because it has so many of the conveniences of home! The food doesn’t hurt either because it is sooooo yummy!!! Pizza and pasta are daily necessities, usually followed by a quick gelato trip. We love getting pizza to go and finding a touristy place to sit and people watch!

Florence is the perfect study abroad locale just because there is so much to do in such a small area. We live right near the Duomo (you learned about it in AP Euro) and the David (the naked statue dude)! But we also live five to ten minutes from churches built in the 1200s, the tomb of Galileo, the Medici’s palace, the Ponte Vecchio, beautiful gardens, and more.

In addition to all the wonderful, fun things to do in Florence, weekend travel is so easy here. So far we have visited Cinque Terre, Ibiza, Nice, and Monaco. We booked Nice the day before we left and it has ended up being my favorite trip so far- France is so beautiful and full of good food (I’m mostly just eating in different countries); also, it was so close to Monaco that we were able to take a short train to check out the Prince’s Palace, which was such a cool experience! Next weekend, a huge group of people from Wake are meeting up at Oktoberfest so stay tuned for updates!!!

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