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Mike Pence Visits Winston-Salem in Critical Election

Republican Vice Presidential nominee Mike Pence speaks on Tuesday, August 30, 2016 inWinston-Salem, N.C. (Sabin Sidney)
Republican Vice Presidential nominee Mike Pence speaks on Tuesday, August 30, 2016 in Winston-Salem, N.C. (Sabin Sidney)

Republican Vice Presidential nominee Mike Pence rallied supporters to vote in the upcoming election by hammering on Hillary Clinton’s email troubles and illustrating the election as critical to keeping control of the Supreme Court in a recent campaign stop to Winston-Salem at the Millennium Center.

The stop once again highlighted the fact that North Carolina is becoming a competitive state between Clinton and Trump, each hoping to win on their way to the White House. The state has proven to be a swing state, voting for Obama in 2008 but switching to Romney in 2012. North Carolina is showing up to be tight race and according to the most recent Real Clear Politics average, Clinton leads by only 1.7 points.

Pence’s main message was the importance of the Supreme Court, with the next President having the opportunity to shift the balance of power for decades:

“We’re going to elect a president for the next four years, but this election will probably define the Supreme Court of the United States for the next 40 years,” Pence said. “If you cherish the Constitution of the United States, if you cherish those God-given liberties that are enshrined in our Bill of Rights, and if you believe that the role of the court is to uphold the Constitution… and not legislate from the bench, you better think very hard about it.”

During his speech, to arouse the crowd, Pence mentioned Clinton’s email and Benghazi scandals, along with the alleged “pay-to-play” within the Clinton Foundation.

“I’m starting to feel some Clinton corruption fatigue,” Pence said, in which the crowd responded by yelling “Lock her up!” multiple times.

Beyond that, Pence touched on key issues such as immigration, trade deals, and the growing threat of terrorism. Pence echoed Donald Trump’s promise to eradicate ISIS and uphold the constitution, if elected.

Additional speakers during the event included Lida Hayes, a local businesswoman who mentioned that Donald Trump understands small business, being an entrepreneur himself, Buck Newton, GOP nominee for state attorney general, and Ted Budd, the GOP nominee for the 13th congressional district, who maintained that the Obama administration’s over-regulation is impeding small business. All speakers urged members to be active in their community and work for a strong GOP turnout in November.

An unidentified Trump supporter said that she really liked that Pence was conservative, pro-life, and will enforce

Supporters rally in support of Governor Mike Pence on August 30th in Winston-Salem, NC. (Sabin Sidney)
Supporters rally in support of Governor Mike Pence on Tuesday, August 30th, 2016 in Winston-Salem, NC. (Sabin Sidney)

immigration laws. At the same time, she is encouraged by the fact that Donald Trump had already created a list of potential Supreme Court Justices.

Mr. Pence delivered an impressive speech Tuesday night, but with less than 90 days remaining until Election Day, the Trump campaign must start paving a path to victory on a road that is continuously narrowing. Tuesday’s visit was the first stop in Winston-Salem since GOP nominee Donald Trump campaigned at the Fairgrounds Annex shortly after the convention in Cleveland.

Matthew Sebesta, J.P Hayes, and Sabin Sidney contributed to this article. 

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