Movie Review: “Barry”

Orange is the New Black”, “House of Cards”, and “Breaking Bad”: all Netflix hits that any loyal binge-watcher would know and love. Netflix appears to be adding its popular list of series with a new film, “Barry”.
“Barry” is about a young Barack Obama and the experiences at Columbia that helped shape his adulthood. Netflix is bold to release the film immediately following the conclusion of his presidency. Will “Barry” be the next Frank Underwood?
While the show’s authenticity and accuracy could be debated extensively, the timing leaves me unsure. Obama has been out of office for under a week, and yet “Barry” has been on Netflix since its premiere on December 16th…clearly preceding the former President’s White House departure. Although I am no publicist, I believe it would be more strategic to let Obama’s “legacy” marinate a bit before shoving a film down Netflix viewers’ throats. The instant release of a film celebrating Obama’s triumph over adversity does not allow the legacies of his presidency to be appreciated. .
The character of Barry himself is portrayed by Devon Terrell, a 24-year-old from Australia, who idolized President Obama because of their similar upbringing.
For Obama supporters, often critical of the Trump administration, “Barry” provides comfort and pride in the former president. For those in opposition to the presidency of Barack Obama, “Barry” is another film with a take on racial issues.

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