Narcos Season 3 Review

At the close of season 2, I wondered how the series could continue without the one and only Pablo Escobar. I doubted the new season could even remotely compare to hunting down Pablo Escobar, but I was wrong. As the cops hunt down the Cali Cartel throughout Columbia, I found myself glued to my computer screen, just like I was this time last year.

Similar to last season, there are some very close calls for the cartel and the police which have you on edge throughout the whole scene. As expected the second season is just as gory as the last, with death’s left and right.

The one very interesting difference is that the Cali Cartel is run by a few head honchos compared to just Pablo when he ran his. As the season progresses you can tell what the cartel is really made of when the top boss is thrown behind bars where his advice is taken rarely taken seriously.

To make situations even tenser, the Cali Cartel had arrangements to get out of the illegal narcos business and into the light of legality where they could continue work for a very small price.

This season, while slightly different without the presence of Pablo Escobar, is just as engaging and exciting as ever. It is definitely worth a watch once you finish your homework for the night (if that is even possible).

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