Listen Up. Get Triggered

Anthony Palumbo and Ciara Ciez host The Wake Forest Review’s “Truth Without Fear Podcast.” This is a brand-new series on campus that tackles issues from a conservative perspective, from education to feminism, and even from urban politics to free speech. We are the only college conservative podcast at Wake Forest and in North Carolina, just another example of how The Wake Forest Review is one of the leading conservative publications in the region.

Episode 3: “Healthcare and Kim”

Anthony and Ciara discuss what are the conservative solutions to healthcare reform, and analyze the flaws with Rob the flaws of Obamacare and the current GOP healthcare plan. Also, Kimberly Corban joins Wake Forest Review to tell her story. Special guests include Kimberly Corban and Robert H. Wall (’98).

Episode 2: “Rebuilding the Inner Cities”

Anthony and Ciara discuss the conservative solutions to rebuilding the inner cities and analyze local politics of crime and development in Winston-Salem. Guests include Michael Tuffey (’19), Mr. Elliot Berke (B.A ’93), and Mr. Harold J. Eustache (J.D ’14).

Episode 1: “Conservative Feminism”

Anthony and Ciara discuss what it means to be both a conservative and a feminist, and where the similarities and differences between the two ideologies interact. Guests include Jill Bader (’05), Ryan Wolfe (’18), and Juliette Neal (’17).