The Ryan Wolfe Show Ep. 2: Campus Racism and Violence

This week, Ryan discusses recent events and tragedies on the Wake Forest campus.


  1. Left out that the actions taken by WFU were recommendations by the Chief of Police Williams in the Williams-Moss Report.

    The report by the Chief of Police Williams recommended:

    “Our recommendations center on providing additional training to University police personnel in the area of conscious and unconscious bias and cultural differences.”

    Provide culturally diverse and bias based training programs for each employed at the Wake Forest University Police Department. This bias should include unconscious and conscious biases.

    Set a goal with specific timetables and metrics to develop innovative approaches to recruitment and take immediate action to hire additional minorities on the police force.

    … recommends that the University and Campus police re-institute the major events committee. … A detailed action plan should be held at least 7days prior to the event. This action plan must address personnel assignments, cost and at least a Sergeant in charge.

    Wake Forest Vice President for Campus Life Penny Rue has been implementing the recommendations of the Police Chief as put forth in the Williams-Moss Report. She should be commended.

    You can have your own opinion, but I’ll go with the professional.

    As for the first half of your monologue, you have developed a great false argument, and it seems to be a favorite topic of yours. My guess is that many of the African Americans and other minority groups at WFU as well as many white students would not agree with you. The fact that your vote was the only one is argument enough.

  2. The Ryan Wolfe Show Ep. 3: #TheMemo and Penny Rue has been out on youtube for ten days now. Are they no longer going to be included in WFR?
    Perhaps anyway here is my comment
    Let us look at the primary cause of the reduced trust in the FBI. President Trump has been tweeting disparaging things about the FBI since before his inauguration. As the ultimate head of law enforcement and intelligence agencies in the US he has regularly and repeatedly attacked the FBI, the premier federal law enforcement agency in our government, at least seven times since the SOTU alone. The FBI, established by J. Edgar Hoover was, and remains a conservative organization. The attacks by Trump are far more damaging then this memo; which somehow leaves out the generally known (to those on the intelligence committee least) fact the Carter Page has been under surveillance since at least 2013. Perhaps WFR should scold Trump for his constant use of twitter to attack those organizations he leads and whose secretaries, the AG, and directors he has appointed.
    How is an organization that is officially known as Winston Salem Review (see 990-N filed with IRS) can lead observers to think it is associated, approved or authorized by Wake Forest University. First it uses The Wake Forest Review as its title. It’s internet name is wakeforestreview.com and its twitter handle is @wfu_review. I will grant you that most students at WFU know that you are independent, but how about those prospective students. This same organization however seems to think that Dr. Rue’s use of @WFURue for her private twitter account is incorrect. Or does when one take a job at WFU loose the first amendment. I feel that most students at WFU understand Dr. Rue’s politics without reading her twitter account. Perhaps she should have the same right to use her twitter account as Trump, although she does not attacks those organizations she heads.
    Finally, OJ Simpson, really? Did you get a “contribution” for running this advertisement or is it just a gratuitous slap at the African American students, or both.

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