Sorry Feminists, Democrats Are Not the “Party of Women”

Conservative students attend the 2017 Young Women’s Leadership Summit. Credit: Turning Point News

This past summer I attended the Young Women’s Leadership Summit with Turning Point USA. Over 1,000 young conservative women from across the country came to this conference. There, we heard speakers from all backgrounds, including influential female conservatives. We attended workshops on how to lead a productive political life, network, engage, gain an audience, and much more. At this conference, I realized why conservatives are the true women’s advocates.

The most important thing conservatism does for women is tell women we aren’t victims. Liberals tell women that they’re victims of the patriarchy, and since they live in a “sexist” society they deserve entitlements. Not conservatives. At this conference, I learned how to debate, how to back up my facts with evidence, how to make my way up in politics not because I’m a victim of society, but because I was uplifted by other women around me doing the same thing. We talked about the issues women face, like rape. Then we attended a self-defense class. Then they taught us the laws around concealed carry, and how to best protect ourselves with firearms. They acknowledged these problems exist but then said hey, let’s fix it. They acknowledged that politics is a male-dominated field, but then they said hey, we have the power to dominate in our political career, and here’s how. Democrats tell their women that they’re getting spots in political office because they deserve it because they’re “oppressed”.

Conservatives admit women’s issues exist. However, conservatism goes beyond admitting there are issues. We ask the important questions that actually address the problems and can actually fix them, rather than complaining about it and doing nothing like entitled brats. What can WE do to fix problems, as women? How can we better ourselves, and EARN our rightful spot in politics, not because we are entitled, but because we have the ability to do it ourselves? It’s high time for the left to have some self-responsibility. Society owes us nothing, and strutting around in “pussy-hats” claiming to advocate for all women while subsequently banning pro-life women from your march is embarrassing.

Conservatives have it right. They acknowledge real facts, like how there are fewer females involved in politics than males, and that women need a right to self-defense because they are raped and assaulted at higher rates than men are. But we take it a step further by actually doing something about it.

Both parties acknowledge issues women face (and no, abortion is not a “women’s rights issue”), but the difference lies between how we handle them. Democrats tell women time and time again that they are victims, and when the facts don’t fit their narrative anymore, they create made up problems to justify their victimhood status (see the wage gap). And I get it. It’s easy to be a victim. As a woman, it would be a whole lot easier for me to say I deserve something because I’m a female and I’m oppressed than to actually work for something.

Conservatives have it right. They acknowledge real facts, like how there are fewer females involved in politics than males, and that women need a right to self-defense because they are raped and assaulted at higher rates than men are. But we take it a step further by actually doing something about it. We host political conferences geared towards women, advocate for a woman’s second amendment right to self-defense, and leave silly, embarrassing protests against vague, overly generalized topics like “sexism” and “misogyny” to the left. Once the left takes up real problems, and actually addresses them by helping women instead of giving them unearned entitlements, they too can call themselves the party of women. Until then, conservatives will be the ones actually working on the real issues, and we’ll leave the left to their “slut walks” and pussy hats.


  1. *taught, not thought

  2. Aaaahhhhh, look how white everyone in the picture is……

  3. lol Steve Bannon (aka ur Turning Point USA summit speaker htis year) is not part of the “Party of Women” either

  4. “Women are always Right” would’ve been a better title

  5. Yes, women choose the more liberal and progressive party. Why?
    1. Suffrage – The 19th Amendment finally granting the women equal rights to vote in 1920 was passed with only three of the Southern conservative states approving the amendment, Texas, Arkansas and Tennessee. (8 others gave their support in the 1960’s through 80s.)

    2. Equal Rights Amendment – Congress had originally set a ratification deadline of March 22, 1979. Through 1977, the amendment received 35 of the necessary 38 state ratifications. With wide, bipartisan support (including that of both major political parties, both houses of Congress, and Presidents Ford and Carter)[2] it seemed headed for ratification until Phyllis Schlafly mobilized conservative women in opposition. She argued that the ERA would disadvantage housewives and cause women to be drafted into the military. Conservatives rallied and defeated the amendment. We have seen a replay of this recently in allowing women to volunteer for combat roles in the services.

    3. Women in Political power. Although the Democrat party has a minority in both chambers of congress, women have done remarkably better than in the Republican party. Women currently serving in the Senate are 16 Democrat, 5 Republican). 84 women from 34 states serve in the U.S. House of Representatives. 62 Democrat, 22 Republican.
    4. The National Institute of health studied deaths by sex. A total of 215,273 homicides were studied, 77% of which involved male victims and 23% female victims. Although the overall risk of homicide for women was substantially lower than that of men (rate ratio [RR] = 0.27), their risk of being killed by a spouse or intimate acquaintance was higher (RR = 1.23). In contrast to men, the killing of a woman by a stranger was rare (RR = 0.18). Violent crime, including rape, against women is lower in states with strict gun control laws.

    Yes – women have shown in election after election (most recently in Alabama) that the Democrat party is their choice.

  6. Some comparison of US and world legislatures/parliaments and their percentage of woman in power.
    For the lower house (or unicameral legislatures/parliaments) the US has 19% which would rank it internationally 101 out of 195
    Similar to Indonesia and Kyrgyzstan
    For the upper house (Senate) the US has 21% which would rank it 27 out of 77
    Similar to Ghana and Guatemala

    But by party
    Democrats House 31% would rank 39 out of 195
    Similar to United Kingdom, Switzerland, Italy

    Republicans House 9% would rank 175 out of 195
    Similar to Botswana, Congo, Japan

    Democrats Senate 35% would rank 14 out of 77
    Similar to Australia, Germany, Spain

    Republicans Senate 9.6% would rank 69 out of 77
    Similar to Kazakhstan, Liberia, Dominican Republic

    North Carolina has 2 women out of 15 in Congress.
    NC would rank 144 similar to Guatemala, Sierra Leone and Ukraine