Student Threatens To Shoot Federal Agents in Response to DACA Repeal


When asked that if federal agents showed up on campus tomorrow, should students come out and shoot at them, Wake Forest student Andrew Azuara stated, “Yes.”

At 5 pm on September 14, students and faculty gathered on the Manchester Plaza to speak out against President Donald Trump’s recent proposal to repeal the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, commonly known as DACA. Many students gave emotional speeches urging students to stand in solidarity, however, one student suggested a different solution. Azuara suggested that those who support DACA should defend themselves, even if it means violence.

In an interview with Azuara, he expressed that he was not satisfied with the seeming effectiveness of protests and says that the liberal Left’s efforts “haven’t done much.” He referred to the Black Panther Party as an inspiration to call students to arms.

“Arm yourselves compadres. There is a revolution coming, and I’m ready to die for it.”

Azuara added that what he meant can be interpreted differently based on someone’s background, mentioning that he also meant a ‘call to arms’ in a figurative sense. He added, “If we don’t manage to get the change that we want, then it could or could not possibly lead to [a call to arms]”

Azuara reiterated that the left’s efforts have not been effective so far and that, “there has been far too much compromise.” He closed by saying, “Now is the time to definitely get what we want, and we need someone or a group or a mass movement to evoke that change that we do need.”

Listen to part of the interview with Azuara in the link below.

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