Sunday Book Review: True Allegiance by Ben Shapiro

True Allegiance is a novel by Ben Shapiro, a conservative commentator and host of The Ben Shapiro Show. True Allegiance is hard to stop reading once one has started on it. The novel is set in a modern, politically troubled America. While some might describe the America of today as “politically troubled,” our America is relatively safe and orderly. The America of True Allegiance seems to be two sentences away from a civil war or a nation-crippling terrorist attack.

A weak president, terrorist attacks, lawlessness, and Texas ignoring the Federal Government are just some of the aspects of the declining America depicted in True Allegiance. These events are depicted from and discussed with differing perspectives. Shapiro’s characters, unlike some characters in other political novels, are realistic. Some of them are even borrowed from real life, although they have been heavily fictionalized; I doubt any Texan governor in recent times would unilaterally invade Mexico. They are not entirely conservative or entirely liberal. They, like most people, exist somewhere along the political spectrum. This allows the reader to grasp the views of the various characters. This also allows a person who would never defy Federal authority to understand why another may.

The obvious target audience of True Allegiance is politically-minded conservatives, but apolitical and center-left people would probably enjoy the novel as well. The story is interesting regardless of the political implications of its plot. You should borrow or purchase a copy of True Allegiance and read it on the Quad on a sunny day.

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