Top 5 Things to Do In Winston-Salem

Welcome to Wake Forest! Whether you are a local student, such as myself, a native to the good ole USA, or even from another country, welcome! I am still learning the ropes myself, but being from Winston Salem, I can assure you that there are plenty of things to do around here to take your mind off of “Work Forest”.

The Dixie Classic Fair

This is one of my favorite things to do! It’s basically The North Carolina State Fair, but on a smaller scale. This year the fair will run from September 29-October 8. The fair has deep fried everything, tons of games, art exhibits featuring local art, farm animals, information sessions, rides, and a whole list of other activities. I recommend the candy apples (grape flavored is my favorite), the funnel cake, and Amish doughnuts (no lie, the best things you will ever eat). To learn more about the fair go to

McKay’s Books

This used book store is the perfect place for any book lover, or the student who needs a textbook that’s cheap. McKay’s is small and this is the only location in Winston-Salem. McKay’s has books for all ages, music of all genres, movies, puzzles, collectables, and other eccentric and eclectic items. McKay’s truly is one of a kind and you simply cannot beat the prices!

Hanes Mall

I don’t know about you, but I love to shop. I don’t like working out, so shopping is my cardio. The mall has hundreds of stores and some pretty great food options. There are always sales going on and sometimes, even mini concerts. The mall is the perfect place to hang out with some friends on a Sunday and destress before the next week of classes. With shuttles to take you, there is no reason not to go!

Mama Zoё Michael’s

A southern staple is good southern food. This restaurant is one of the best to do just that: serve good southern food. Mama Zoё Michael’s is small and not too far from campus. The inside is just so southern and the food is so delicious. The prices are cheap, so do not let that deter you from eating some of the best food of your life. Sunday brunch is a must there! Although, I recommend breakfast on Saturdays!

Hanging Rock State Park

Now, this is not located in Winston, but it is only about forty-five minute drive. The park is so beautiful and there is so much to do. Take a picnic and explore the beauty of North Carolina, hike the trails, wade in the water, or camp out for the night. There are tons of different trails but don’t worry, they will let you know which are the more challenging ones. Window Fall’s Trail and Indian Creek Trail are my favorite two because not only are they easy, but there are also beautiful waterfalls. The scenery is just unmatched by any other!

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