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Trump’s Big Win

President Trump has had the greatest week of his presidency, thus far. As we approach the contentious race for the presidency in 2020, President Trump has never looked stronger. His chances for re-election look increasingly brighter than they did a few months ago, or even weeks.

Dealing with an incredible amount of pressure from the mainstream media as well as the general public regarding the Mueller investigation, President Trump adeptly sidestepped any major loss of credibility from its results. Due to the stream of indictments as well as the little information disclosed to the American public, many were worrisome of the President’s involvement in potential collusion with Russia.

Understandably so, the media’s little information allowed many within the industry to speculate without true substance to support far-ranging claims regarding Trump’s behavior. The Mueller investigation was under such tight wraps, that media and thus everyday Americans were within a constant barrage of guessing from day to day.  On a daily basis, the President underwent calls for impeachment from the left, dealing with the constant fury of being accused as a compromised President involved in treason with a foreign adversary.

Yet, President Trump displayed resolve. A weaker President, would have collapsed amidst such constant, and paradoxically baseless yet persuasive attacks. In the face of constant criticism and the closed-mindedness of many who oppose him, he prevailed with Barr’s report in hand. The President was at the very least not proven guilty, at best vindicated, with Russian collusion critics undoubtedly silenced. Even more importantly, he prevailed with strength and was proven right to the American public. Just the notion of Trump’s vindication should have been enough to make it a historic victory for the President, and yet there’s more to it; Trump’s big win is multifaceted.

At the result of the President’s first veto, the House voted on a measure to overturn the President’s veto with a potential 2/3rds majority. The measure to overturn the President’s Executive Order on the National Emergency Concerning the Southern Border of the United States, failed by 42 votes (though the Congress does maintain the power to call for a resolution of disapproval every six months). While several organizations and various states are planning lawsuits against the President’s act, President Trump has the authority to move $3.6 billion dollars to the construction of the southern border wall, from a fund that is dedicated to the construction of military projects.

To many who believed that it would not be possible, the President has seemingly won on the issue of the wall. The President sparred with many on both sides of the aisle of the issue, and seemingly came out with a plan to fortify the southern border.  He centered his candidacy and platform upon border security, and has worked extensively with vigor to make it a reality.

Under President Trump, the economy is soaring, and everyday Americans feel it too. Poll numbers have proven this, as Americans still have very high confidence in the economy and its structures. Unemployment numbers are nearing a fifty year low, hovering around 3.7% percent. The economy grew at a rate of 3.1% from the fourth quarter of 2017 to the first quarter of 2018, a measure that has not been replicated in thirteen years. Wages are rising in America, with gas prices remaining steady.

The economy for President Trump is a winning issue that is impossible for even the harshest of critics to ignore his success with. The strong economic tide has established that Trump’s economic policies have worked, an issue that has to be seemingly taken off the table for Democratic opposition.

As James Carville put it many years ago, “It’s the economy, stupid.”

To his critics, his policies may be asinine; to his supporters or even just everyday Americans he has undoubtedly proven that he has constantly fought to make his policies a reality. Whether or not one supports his policies, in terms of modern Presidents, Trump seems to be the most committed to materializing his winning platform. In the circumstances where he has been unable to enact his platform, it hasn’t been for lack of effort, but roadblock from political adversaries and prolonged fights that have continued from day one of his presidency.

President Trump is riding a strong economic wave into 2020, which has historically led incumbent presidents to electoral success. To the everyday American, things seem to be good in America today and the economy has bounced back from the recession.

While the echo chamber against the President has been overwhelming loud, the President has not strayed away from the pursuit of policies that lead to his election in 2016. With the end of the Mueller investigation, the President is able to focus his message heading into the 2020 campaign, on a platform of a strong economy and a second-term that is the continuation of the policies that he has striven for. The President has proven to be a bruiser able to withstand Democratic opposition and an ardent fighter of his political promises.

President Trump stands triumphant at the end of this investigation,  exuding his strength more than ever in his presidency, and the once proverbial cloud of 2020 now shines increasingly brighter.


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