Truth Without Fear Podcast Episode 9: How Wake Turned to the Left with Ryan Wolfe and Rakin Nasar

After “How Wake Forest Turned to the Left” evoked such a strong response from Demon Deacons on the left and right, the Truth Without Fear podcast hosts Jordan Lancaster and Anthony Palumbo sat down with two opposing voices on the issue: Ryan Wolfe and Rakin Nasar. Nasar who is a Senior that majors in Biology and minors in Neuroscience and Middle Eastern and South Asian Studies. Wolfe is the author of the recent article and works as Digital Director at the Wake Forest Review.

During the podcast, Nasar accused the entire Wake Forest Review staff of being “white supremacists,” who think that “we don’t want to be treated like we treated other people for centuries, so to protect ourselves, we have to take power away from minorities.” In the same light, Nasar equated the publication with the likes of the KKK, Richard Spencer, and Steve Bannon. He also posited that conservatives are “allergic to identity” because it is “an easy way for conservatives to absolve themselves of responsibility for all the problems they cause for the world.” During the interview, Nasar attacked Greek life, saying that it is only accessible to high-income students and promotes rape culture and tries to brush sexual harassment under the rug.

Wolfe responded by pointing to an article he wrote this summer in response to the events in Charlottesville as a clear rejection of white supremacy by the Wake Forest Review, even though no rejection should be necessary for a publication that has never espoused those ideas in the first place. Wolfe continued by arguing that the idea “equality means we all have to experience the same (historical) suffering”  is wrongheaded because it tries “to pin things on someone just because of the color of their skin even if they themselves didn’t do anything like that.” In closing, Wolfe blasted Nasar for using intellectually dishonest ad hominem and strawman arguments and called for dialogue about ideas that rose above the name-calling from the left which occurred in this discussion.

You can listen to the entire interview on the Truth Without Fear podcast below.

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