Non-Inclusive Women’s March Organizers to Speak at Wake Forest

Tomorrow, Wake Forest University will reach an all-time low in terms of who it brings in to preach liberal tolerance. Tamika Mallory, Carmen Perez, and Linda Sarsour, the organizers of the Women’s March on Washington, will come together for the first time since the march and speak as part of an event called “Reckoning and Resistance.” Unlike when the leader of a different movement attempted to speak at the University of California at Berkeley, no Wake Forest students or paid protesters will cause riots, set fires, or damage property. Students who have been indoctrinated since the moment they stepped on this campus will be excited to see the speakers and flock to the event in Wait Chapel. Some professors will offer extra credit for attending, as they often do to encourage students to attend progressive University-hosted events. Some conservative students on campus will not attend. Others will go, listen, and disagree. They won’t try to shut down the event because they believe in the First Amendment rights of the speakers. The event will end, the weekend will come, and most people will move on.


Why will people move on?  They will move on because there is nothing going on at the “Reckoning and Resistance” event.

It will be a time for those on the left to feel good, complain a little, pat themselves on the back, and signal their virtue while doing nothing to advance their cause. In fact, everything that will be said and done before, during, and after the event will do the opposite of what these organizers think they are achieving.


The stated goal of the event is for the speakers to “discuss their work around the Women’s March and the next steps of the movement.” Therefore, the speakers will have to discuss continuing their so-called resistance against President Donald Trump and how they worked to build a community through solidarity at the Women’s March. Yet, by building a “resistance” movement they are separating themselves from the electorate. Instead of trying to win the hearts and minds of voters in this country so a different outcome will be achieved in the next election, they find different ways to protest a reality that they cannot readily change. Dressing in vagina costumes and spelling out “RESIST” on a beach is not going to win an election. Donald Trump is President of the United States and unless he does something egregious enough to cause impeachment the only way to change that is at the ballot box.


By showing solidarity with different groups, they are being self-congratulatory in their own elitism and focused so much on virtue signaling that they have failed to build an effective movement with clear values. Instead of focusing intently on one or two important issues, the Women’s March decided to focus on everything and nothing. Their “Unity Principles” focused on ending police violence, women’s reproductive rights, worker’s rights, LGBTQIA rights, civil rights, immigrant rights, and environmental justice. They essentially took an amalgam of social justice issues, crammed them together and called it a movement.


The problem is that these unity principles actually cause division.

Plenty of people can agree with the official stances the Women’s March took on certain issues and not others. When you disagree with one part of the platform, like many pro-life women do, you are banned from the march and shunned from the movement.

If you don’t fit the perfect intersectionality profile, you have to acknowledge your “privilege” and take a back seat. Instead of focusing on an issue that brings people together, this resistance movement is driving itself apart.


If you need an example, look no further than Linda Sarsour. She tweeted to Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a victim of genital mutilation and feminist activist who speaks out against Sharia Law, that she would take Ali’s vagina away and that Ali does not deserve to be a woman. Furthermore, her support for Sharia Law is contradictory to the message of female empowerment she will be delivering to Wake Forest students. While the Women’s March official Twitter was littered with “resistance” to Secretary of Education Betsy Devos, the Women’s March twitter seemed to forget any condemnation or public outrage over the thousands of women who suffer from genital mutilation, honor killings, and abuse that happens in Muslim countries under Sharia Law.

So, thank you, Women’s March organizers, especially Ms. Sarsour, for making these next two elections a little bit easier for conservatives. By refusing to build an inclusive movement and to reach out to the people who elected President Trump, you are giving so many more votes to conservative candidates. The ridiculousness of this movement, from the costumes to the intersectionality, only drives more people away from your radical agenda. So please continue down the path of elitist identity politics, because that is the best way for us to keep winning.



  1. You’re saying that someone needs to extend you a personal invitation so that you will support our planet and the safety, well-being, and civil rights of the marginalized. Well, Ryan, here’s your invite. Please actually learn what our movement is about and join it. Understand why so many people do not like the President and think about how your identity gives you privileges that protesters and supporters of the movement do not have. Learn about something that makes you uncomfortable and care about it.

  2. Dear Ryan Wolfe and Wake Review Staff,

    We are two students who opted to spend our evening listening to the co-chairs of the woman’s march “preach liberal tolerance.” We read your article before going, and were curious if you planned on attending. If you did, do you have any follow up thoughts? Did the opinions in your article change or, after listening to what these leaders had to say, did your thoughts change?

  3. Here is a nice and short explanation why anybody with half of a brain and a decimal point of critical thinking abilities, should think twice before supporting these so-called leaders of modern day Feminism.